History of Freedom In Christ Ministries

While Dr. Neil T. Anderson was teaching at Talbot School of Theology, he began counseling students with personal and spiritual conflicts. He discovered that many of those students had two things in common: they did not understand their identity in Christ and they were not experiencing that "Abba! Father!" connection with God. In response to that need, Dr. Anderson wrote the best-sellers Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. He also started teaching at conferences around the country and around the world. Freedom In Christ Ministries (FICM) was born in 1989. Since then, more than three million people have been reached with the message of freedom through our FICM staff and Ministry Associates (volunteers), FICM conferences and FICM resources being used in more than 60 countries!

History of Freedom In Christ Canada

In January 1992, Dr. Neil T. Anderson made his first trip to Canada (Winnipeg, MB) to share the message of freedom. May 1992 marked Dr. Anderson's second visit to Canada and his first full conference - Resolving Personal and Spiritual Conflicts. With the many invitations that were coming to Dr. Anderson for this seminar in Canada, he approached Robert & Grace Toews to become the national directors for this ministry in Canada. They quickly accepted and began to travel with Dr. Anderson whenever he was in Canada to help people find their freedom in Christ and have Freedom In Christ resources available in Canada. Robert & Grace also began to host video seminars all across Canada.


Dr. Anderson has visited our country almost 40 times to share the message of freedom. Robert & Grace Toews were the national directors for the first seven years of the ministry in Canada and did almost 200 seminars in that time. In 1995 Clay Bergen became the prayer coordinator of Freedom In Christ Canada, and in 1999 he became the national director and moved the Canadian office to Regina, Saskatchewan.