Freed to Lead is a 10-session discipleship course for Christians in leadershp positions of any kind, or Christians who think they may become leaders in the future. It can be run in weekly sessions or all in one go as a retreat.


It makes an excellent follow-up to Freedom In Christ's best-selling Freedom in Christ Course and the Grace Course but can also be used independently of them.


Participants will learn how to lead from their identity in Christ so that they are authentic and real and become the sort of people that others love to follow.


They will learn how to avoid drivenness and burnout, survive personal attacks, and use conflict positively.


"Freed to Lead" is an excellent resource for church leadership teams to go through themselves before rolling it out to others in the church who lead (or may be called to lead), whether that is in business, health, teaching, the home, or any other field.

Freed To Lead - Leaders Guide