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Do You Know God's Purpose for Your Life?

In the beginning, God created heaven and earth, but He wanted something more, so He designed someone–a person in His own image. Picture the Master Potter shaping that first human form, bending, molding, and stretching this being from a lump of earth, and then breathing life into his body so that he could walk beside God. Indeed, God had a plan for us–for you–from the very start.

In God's Story for You, Dr. Neil Anderson delves deep into God's plan for all of creation, the effects of the Fall, and the Lord's ultimate desire for redemption and reconciliation with His people. This study reveals the breadth of the gospel message and how you can become firmly rooted in Christ and set apart for Him.

God's Story for You contains six sessions that can be used individually or in a group and also includes a leader's guide, along with illustrations and questions for deeper reflection and practical applications.

Discover who you were created to be in Christ and how to live a liberated life... in Him.


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