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Freedom is precious.

Countless men and women have died in the pursuit of or preservation of freedom throughout history. Many others would give all they have just for a taste of it.

But there is more to life than political, economic or even religious freedom.

There is freedom of the heart... of the spirit. That's the kind of freedom Jesus gave His life for... for you to have.

The chains that we can drag around are invisible...

  • chains of fear or anxiety.
  • chains of doubt.
  • guilt or shame, chains of rejection.
  • chains of bitterness.
  • chains of perfectionism or performance.
  • chains of addictions.
  • chains of living a life that just doesn't seem to have purpose.

Are you ready to throw off every weight and the sin that tangles you up so easily?
Are you ready to run... really run... the race of life that was meant for you?
Are you ready for a taste of freedom?

That's what this Journey to Freedom is all about.

Come discover the treasure of life and freedom in Christ.

Come find a rock solid assurance of God's welcome into His family, His unconditional love, His brilliant plan for your life, and the safety and security of His care... even as He performs His marvelous surgery on your heart?

You've wondered all your life... Who in the world am I? How on earth can I be free? Isn't it time you found out?

Journey to Freedom - BOOK

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