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Knowing who you are in Christ is your key to victory in life.

Do you often wonder what God thinks of you or whether He thinks of you at all? Do you have negative self-image–a low opinion of yourself and life in general–that you would like to overcome? You can do it! You can turn your life around and never look back!

The one and only key is to understand who God wants you to be. That's the heart of Neil T. Anderson's breakthrough Freedom in Christ message. Every last one of us–no matter how much we suffer from low self-esteem, insecurity or abusive behavior–can be free from our pain and problems, experience victory in Jesus and become an overcomer in life!

Overcoming Negative Self-Image reveals the truth about what God thinks of us and who we are in Christ. Its core message could be stated, "You + Christ = Wholeness and Meaning."

Read this book and you will never see yourself in the same light again!

Overcoming Negative Self Image - BOOK

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