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Overcome the Hurts of Yesterday and the Fears of Tomorrow.

As people created in the image of God, we have been given the capacity to choose what we do and do not believe. Yet even followers of Christ often stay mired in misguided ways and unhealthy thought patterns.

In Renewing Your Mind, Dr. Neil Anderson reminds us that faith is a journey of growth and that, as we mature in our beliefs, we should experience a total change from the inside out.

In this fourth of eight Victory Series studies, you will:

  • Learn how to allow Christ to rule in your heart.
  • Be led by the Spirit.
  • Live under grace.
  • Tear down mental strongholds that keep you in bondage.
  • Overcome anger, depression, and losses.

This study, with six sessions, can be used individually or in a group and includes a leader's guide, along with illustrations and questions for deeper reflection and practical applications.

We are not called to dispel darkness on our own; instead, being an overcomer means knowing how to turn to the light of Christ, our source of truth. Only in doing so will we win the battle for our minds.


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Renewing Your Mind - SMALL GROUP STUDY

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