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The Steps to Freedom In Christ is a powerful step-by-step process for helping people find freedom in Christ! This version is especially designed for adults and can be used for individuals or groups. It is used by thousands around the world to discover their victory as children of God, implement Biblical truths of their identity, position, purpose, authority, and protection in Christ.

The Steps deal with the following areas:
1. Counterfeit versus Real.

2. Deception versus Truth.

3. Bitterness versus Forgiveness.

4. Rebellion versus Submission.

5. Pride versus Humility.

6. Bondage versus Freedom.

7. Curses versus Blessings.


We recommend reading, watching or listening to Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker or going through the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course as prerequisites to going through the Steps.

What are the Steps to Freedom?


There is an accompanying DVD to lead viewers through The Steps to Freedom in Christ.


Recommended for follow-up

Who I Am In Christ (BWIA) 36-day devotional

Walking In Freedom (BWIF) 21-day devotional


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