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Do Your Beliefs Reflect the Truth?

We all have faith in something. No doubt, the voices we listen to and follow will determine whether we live in freedom–or in bondage.
Is your faith rooted in enduring truth? Or in the world's ever-changing messages? And how can you recognize one from the other?

In Your Foundation in Christ, Dr. Neil Anderson shows us how intricately intertwined we are with the God who created us and how only His truth can set us free.

In this third of eight Victory Series studies, you will discover what it means to:

  • Live with Christ as your sure foundation.
  • See your faith grow.
  • Gain power to live by His Spirit.
  • Ultimately learn to overcome fear and live boldly for Him.

With six sessions, this study can be used individually or in a group and includes a leader's guide, along with illustrations and questions for deeper reflection and practical applications.

Now is the time to deepen the roots of your faith, know more intimately the One who is truth alone–and courageously live out what you believe.

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Your Foundation In Christ - SMALL GROUP STUDY

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