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God has known you and loved you before you were even born. He has prepared a place for you in His kingdom, and He has a plan just for you. If you receive Him as your Lord and Savior, you will discover the eternal purpose and meaning of life. Salvation is so much more than knowing why we are here. If you are willing to repent and believe the Gospel, you will discover that Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor and the Great Physician. He came to set captives free and bind up the brokenhearted. Jesus is the “free therapist for humanity,” and the purpose of this book is to establish you alive and free in Christ through genuine repentance and faith in God. Jesus loves you and wants you to fulfill your destiny as a liberated child of God.

The book RESTORED is currently out of print.

The entirety of RESTORED is also available for free in an interactive and notable format online!

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