Why Freedom In Christ?

For the most part our discipleship involves educating people to "act" like Christians. We seldom deal with the inner person. This is why the church too often behaves badly, struggling with sin.

We are great at Romans 12:1 (conversion). But not so good at "transformation" (Rom.12:2). Like gardening, you only truely free the garden by dealing with its bad roots. If you are only removing the tops off the weeds you are not stopping the weeds from robbing the garden of nutrients and stunting its growth and fruit and even choking it out.

Freedom In Christ is about discipleship, inner transformation and sanctification. God has given you all the tools you need to deal successfully with bad roots.

Core Material at a Glance

Check out our Youtube Channel for videos. Including the 6 Part series on the "Steps To Freedom In Christ" and a 7 part series on "forgiveness" (Step 3). All FREE of charge.

Dr. Neil T. Anderson is the founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries. His ministry began with the authoring of his two books; "Victory Over Darkness" and the "The Bondage Breaker". He has authored or co-authored over 60 books and this global ministry.


"God put a burden on my heart to see captives set free and their emotional wounds healed," he writes. "But my early education was steeped in western rationalism. It has taken me years to discover the reality of the spiritual world, and learn to be guided by the Holy Spirit." Freedom in Christ Ministries equips the church to help people become fully alive and free in Christ.

New Material, at a Glance